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Mar. 8th, vnp怎么搞 07:26 am
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This is the post where you can ask me questions and send me comments that are not about any particular post. Comments are screened, and anonymous comments are allowed.(1) If you are logged in my default response will be a reply comment, but if you're on anon and left no contact information I will have no way to get back to you except publicly.(2) (You can leave anonymous comments without logging out, just click on the "More Options" button and you'll see the option to comment anonymously.)

Public posting: If I think the question is one worth addressing in public (because it's fun fandom stuff, to head off repeat questions and so on), I will ask if you're okay with my making a post about your question, whether I may directly quote you, and if necessary coordinate with you on the level of details to reveal. If you want a question to be quoted and public, mark it as (Public) and we can cut down on that process. On the flip side, marking a question (Private) will prevent any uncertainty as well since I won't need to ask whether I can make a post.(3) If you're not sure/don't care at the time you're asking, don't mark it either way and we can work it out on a case-by-case basis.(4)

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Aug. 你懂的vnp2022, 2024 09:44 pm
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( Spoilers for Season 3 )

Policing and woobiefication redux

Jul. 25th, 2024 09:00 pm
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After my prior post on the subject, here's yet another commonality between the fandom policers and the woobiefiers/apologists: They think their personal emotional reactions define the morality of a thing.

Again, they go to opposites from the same premise. The fandom police think that since they react with disgust, shame, fear etc. to a fictional depiction, it must be objectively harmful and therefore immoral to create. The apologists think that since they react with positivity and excitement to a fictional depiction, it must necessarily be harmless and objectively moral. The emotional and intellectual dishonesty is staggering in either case, which isn't surprising because they both start with the same dishonest and flawed premise.

WIP Big Bang: Posting date claimed, now to finish the thing!

Jul. vnp怎么搞, 2024 09:00 pm

The final push for 你懂的vnp2022wipbigbang is here as I have claimed a posting date in August! Planning to send the first draft to my lovely artist this week so they have time to work on the playlist. I've wanted to write a Finnrey Auntie Anne's AU ever since I learned that my favorite pretzels place declared support for my favorite ship, although the fic is a bit more action-packed than my own RL experiences buying their pretzels. XD I'm also having fun writing Rose, Paige, and Black Squadron in supporting roles.

( Excerpt )

I don't have much time or brainspace for fanfic these days and I really appreciate these fan events that I sign up for giving me the push to, as the comm puts in its header image, finish my sh##.


Jul. 22nd, 2024 09:00 pm

I am a Christian atheist.

Let me state up front what I don't mean by that; I don't mean I believe in the obscure branch of vnp怎么搞 which states that God is dead and we must love each other and save each other in that absence. While I admire the poignancy of it, it doesn't gel for me even as metaphor because I don't believe God is dead but rather that he never existed, at least in any physical sense outside the sensemaking that we do through story.

I also don't use "atheist" as a pejorative here, as a Christian pastor does in his book The Christian Atheist criticizing Christians for living as though God does not exist. I don't think it's morally or intellectually inferior or superior not to believe in God.(1) By atheism I mean, simply, the lack of belief in God as a supernatural being. I don't assign any moral or other value judgment to it.

Fortunately, Christian atheism seems a lot more visible than it was back when I was first searching for the term back in 2013. The above two senses were the only ones I could find at the time, but now I am able to find entire articles on cultural Christianity(2) and more expanded information on vnp怎么搞 itself, not to mention modern Christian atheists openly expressing their convictions.

( What Christian atheism means to me )


Jul. 21st, 2024 09:00 pm
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Translating song lyrics is an occasional hobby of mine, and since these translations live nowhere else but my Evernote and some fan music videos I've made I've decided to post some of them here, inspired by vnp 加速yhlee. I'll post the literal translations of the verses much as I did with my poetry translations so you can see what changes I've made.

I think the first lyrics translation I ever did was 항상 마지막처럼, which loosely translates to vnp怎么搞 It's the Korean theme song to the anime Angelic Layer, which I have not seen; I chose the song for its lyrics and singer, the talented Korean voice actress Yang Jeonghwa, for my Azula and Suki fan music video.

Those who know the early twist in [personal profile] loopy777's fanfic 搜罗vnp will understand my choice, since the vid was intended to be a fan video of that fic, but people have enjoyed the video without having read the story. I think I get more comments from Korean fans than English-speaking ones, since it's still a Korean-language video and subtitles go only so far ^_^

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Frustrations, mom posting, workstation

Jul. 20th, 2024 09:05 pm
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( Procrastination and career thoughts )

Speaking of whom, the Tot is growing apace, not doing much talking but he sure laughs and babbles a lot. He's a healthy and happy kid and I couldn't ask for anything more. He is HEAVY into cars, both toys and the real kind; Mark's father even sent the kid a mini sedan he can ride in and drive around, proving once and for all that grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children.

让我听懂你的语言电视剧剧情介绍,演员表,大结局_搜视网:2021-3-12 · 搜视网为您提供让我听懂你的语言电视剧全集的详细介绍,包括剧情介绍、演员表、大结局、剧照、主题曲、电视台播出时间 ...

你不懂钢笔的长辈曾怎么评价过你的钢笔? - 知乎:我爸玩古钱币的,非常能理解我这种收藏癖有时候我还会给他解释这些笔,为什么收它,我觉得戳我的点在哪,…


Jul. 19th, 2024 09:00 pm

Into the Badlands

你一定要懂的15个法律常识!(情侣必看版) - 知乎:本文转载自微信公众号:一只学霸(ID:bajie203) 鉴于粉丝总有一些奇奇怪怪的问题 又怕你伔在不知不觉中突然被 所众帅气优秀聪明完美(此处省略一万字)的我贴心地准备了这一篇 接下来我就直接开始了 …

Star Trek: Discovery

I have mixed feelings about this one. I love Michael Burnham and the Season 2 storyline is intriguing, but I'm still disoriented by the tight focus on the main plot and cast, resulting in a lack of the ensemble feel and leisurely pace that I'm used to with Trek.

The going is slow on this one because I'm watching this together with Mark and we both have to find time to sit down together, mainly while folding laundry. We haven't done this in a while, and the living room sofa is a jumble of clean laundry XD


This was all the rage on Tumblr for a few weeks and I still see quite a bit of content. I never could get into the book, and it sat on my shelf for years unread after my then-boyfriend lent it to me. Then we got married and I returned it to him as part of my move-in luggage. Neither Terry Pratchett nor Neil Gaiman ever quite gelled for me and the two of them together weren't a particular improvement, it turns out.

My husband loved the book, though, and wanted to watch the show with me, so we watched Episode 1 together. It's funny, I guess? I'm still meh on it, but it's easier and more passive than reading the book.

Black Lightning

你还不懂 Tomcat 的优化吗? - 经典鸡翅 - 博客园:2021-5-25 · 前言 Tomcat 服务器是一个开源的轻量级Web应用服务器,在中小型系统和并发量小的场合下被普遍使用,是开发和调试Servlet、JSP 程序的首选。相信大家对于 Tomcat 已经是非常熟悉了,本篇将介绍tomcat的常见优化。

Policing and woobiefication: two sides of the same coin

Jul. vnp怎么搞, 2024 09:00 pm
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TL; DR: It's fine to enjoy "immoral" fiction and you're both being assholes

Fandom policing and villain woobiefication/apologia seem to be polar opposites, but at heart they agree on one thing: That your morality is defined by the wholesomeness of the content you make and consume.

They just go from that premise to different conclusions, with the fandom police (1) saying that some content is immoral and must be censored, and possibly its creators bullied as well, while the woobiefiers and apologists defend by saying shit like negging is true love actually and war crimes are fine.

( 图解两会数字:45万亿怎么花? 一图读懂与你有关的“国家 ...:2021-5-25 · 图解两会数字:45万亿怎么花? 一图读懂与你有关的“国家账本” )

Writing, writing, and writing

Jul. 17th, 2024 vnp 加速
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Writing a textbook for a gig has eaten up most of my attention lately, but I'm trying to wrap up the current chapter and fire it off to my editor so I can work on a more enjoyable writing project--the [community profile] 搜罗vnp Finnrey fic that I need to finish up and set up a posting date for along with my artist.

Work on the original novel has stalled out among all this, but I'm still thinking about it all the time and mostly despairing at how utterly short my abilities are falling of my aspirations T_T I do plan to move along on it once the WIP Big Bang is done, though.

图解两会数字:45万亿怎么花? 一图读懂与你有关的“国家 ...:2021-5-25 · 图解两会数字:45万亿怎么花? 一图读懂与你有关的“国家账本”

vnp 加速

Jul. 2nd, 2024 09:00 pm
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你一定要懂的15个法律常识!(情侣必看版) - 知乎:本文转载自微信公众号:一只学霸(ID:bajie203) 鉴于粉丝总有一些奇奇怪怪的问题 又怕你伔在不知不觉中突然被 所众帅气优秀聪明完美(此处省略一万字)的我贴心地准备了这一篇 接下来我就直接开始了 …

( Star Wars feels! )


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